What Video is and video should be

If you are a techie at heart like me, then full video integrated meeting rooms can look seriously cool, and allow you to do some very impressive things. But do we really need them? Is all of that technical functionality really that important? Speak to some users of these rooms and you’ll find that they spend most of their time sitting idle, gathering virtual dust. Companies can spend anything from $10,000 to $200,000 investing in a video meeting room. It’ll have many bells and whistles, and it can pretty much do everything, except what you really need. All that tech, makes room systems incredibly complicated to use, which means companies will require expensive ‘technical’ people to simply switch the lights on. This is fundamentally wrong. At the heart of video conferencing should be better communication, otherwise we’d just use the phone. Having this complication barrier makes it even more difficult than a phone call – so what’s the point? Businesses should think about what they are actually trying to achieve with video conferencing investments, which I hope is an increase in productivity, whilst simultaneously enabling more people to work smarter. Simplicity should be the starting point. Video enabling more people, for less money should be the goal. Most importantly, enabling them so that face-to-face collaboration is only a click away. Whilst the company with the complicated tech is still wading through the virtual dust, burning money and trying to connect the call; the company with EasyPeasy conferencing are already half way through their meeting getting a fantastic return on their investments! – See more at: www.easypeasyvideo.com

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