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About O&O Software GmbH

O&O Software GmbH was established in 1997 in Berlin, Germany by Oliver Falkenthal and Olaf Kehrer. The idea for the name “O&O” originated back in 1991 in the form of O&O Systemtechnik GbR, a company offering software specifically for students whilst the two founders were still studying. The name “O&O” came about spontaneously, as both founders first names begin with the letter “O”. In 1998, on the 10th February to be exact, O&O Defrag V1.0 was released, and the company that you see today was born.

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O & O Defrag

O&O Defrag activates the hidden performance of your computer and packs file fragments efficiently.
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  Using internationally recognized methods, O&O SafeErase deletes sensitive data so securely that a reconstruction, even with special software, is no longer possible. In the new version 6, an analysis function has been integrated which searches for data that was …

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0 & 0 Disk Image

O&O DiskImage lets you create images of your entire computer or individual partitions while you work.
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O&O DiskRecovery 8 searches for and reconstructs data that was deleted or lost through software error. It scans the entire hard disk, partition or USB Stick for lost files. Usage is very intuitive, with a step-by-step wizard enabling users with …